EASTBOUND AND DOWN Season Four Gets A Potty-Mouthed Trailer

Stevie's back. Oh, and also Kenny Powers.

The third season of Eastbound and Down ended with such perfection that it's tempting to be a little irritated that they're testing fate with a fourth go. On the other hand, it's Eastbound and Down. Are you allergic to awesome?

This trailer doesn't offer much in the way of plot, focusing instead on crazy wacko imagery designed to entice you back into Kenny Powers' majestic world of booze, breasts, drugs, and Stevie's small penis. I definitely saw Kenny Powers dancing with a robot, so that's off the bucket list. Regardless of what the actual season's about, I will be thereā€¦ whenever it's available for legal streaming, that is.

Eastbound and Down premiers September 29. So enjoy it, you lucky fools with your HBO and your HBOGO and your HBOFROYO. Enjoy it.