BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Katee Sackhoff Makes It Sound Like Marvel Is Interested In Her

Could she be Captain Marvel?

Yesterday I interviewed Louis D'Esposito, co-president of Marvel Studios, and the subject of a Marvel movie starring a woman came up. D'Esposito wouldn't come right out and say it - these guys are the best at keeping their secrets - but I got the impression that a female-led Marvel movie is in the cards. And following some of the stuff that D'Esposito said at Comic-Con, I really think that movie will feature Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers. 

Could Katee Sackhoff play that role - possibly in The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Appearing on the Schmoes Know podcast, Sackhoff certainly made it sound like Marvel had been poking around her calendar:

There’s been some stuff going on. Um… there’s been a lot of checking of availability… I don’t quite know exactly… I don’t know… there’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year and then the…

Unfortunately that's about all she said. As Bleeding Cool points out, the first quarter of next year would make sense for Age of Ultron

What would be interesting is if Carol Danvers is introduced in this movie as a regular person. Danvers first showed up in Marvel Comics in the late 60s as an Air Force officer; it wasn't until 1977 that she got powers and her own series (called Ms. Marvel at the time, because it was the 70s). She's technically the second Captain Marvel, with the first being a Kree soldier named Mar-Vell (does he have a tasty brother named Car-Vell?). There was another Captain Marvel after her, a black woman named Monica Rambeau. Danvers is back in the costume these days, hanging out with the Avengers in the comics. 

So if Danvers did show up in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as a military type she could possibly get powers by the end of the movie, or in the beginning of her own film. But what powers? Captain Marvel's current power set is that she flies and she's strong and durable and has a 'Seventh Sense' and limited photonic energy discharge. But Carol Danvers has had a bunch of different powers (and names, including Binary and Warbird), so any of those could be used in the movie version. Further, Monica Rambeau had a totally different, light-oriented power set that could also be cannibalized for the movie Captain Marvel. Joss Whedon has said in the past that he finds Captain Marvel's 'super strong and flying' power set boring, but he never ruled out using other powers for the character.

All of this is speculation, of course. Any Captain Marvel movie would be Phase Three, and if there is such a film in the works Sackhoff is probably just on a bigger list of potential actresses. I think she'd be great for the part, though, and fanboys would like that she's blonde, just like Carol Danvers!