ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW Has 2013’s Ballsiest Poster

Director Randy Moore's ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW Poster Waves Its Bloodied, Four-Finger Gloves in The Air (Like It Just Don't Care).

Pictured above is the newly-revealed (on EW) theatrical poster for director Randy Moore's Escape From Tomorrow, playing at Fantastic Fest this year. You'll notice what appears to be Mickey Mouse's gloved, bloodied hand superimposed over an eye-catching yellow background and an ominous tagline ("Bad Things Happen Everywhere"). Below that we have the film's title, essayed in one of the most recognizable fonts on Earth. Also featured (implicitly) on the poster? Escape From Tomorrow's enormous balls.

If you know anything about Escape From Tomorrow - from the mind-boggling logistics involved in the shoot itself (which called for filming at both Disney World and Disney Land without either of those parks being aware that such a thing was taking place) to the great lengths Moore went to in order to edit the film in utter secrecy (he left the country) - you know enough to be excited that this one's getting a theatrical release. After all, when it debuted back at Sundance earlier this year, the word on the street was that it might never be legitimately distributed.

Whatever's gone on between now and then is a story I'm extremely interested to hear (if someone hasn't been filming the behind-the-scenes shenanigans with an eye towards what would surely be a fascinating documentary, I'll be stunned), but for now all we've been told is that some edits have been made, a theatrical release is imminent, and that you can see it at Fantastic Fest in a couple of weeks. Were the edits enough to guarantee that Disney wouldn't come after them? Is there still no guarantee? Isn't this poster sort of a (hilarious) slap in the face to the Maus Haus? We only know the answer to one of these questions.

Hopefully we'll hear more about the whole thing soon, either around the time the film hits theaters/VOD (Oct. 11th) or during the film's run at Fantastic Fest, which is only weeks away at this point.  Speaking of which:  if ever there was an indie genre-film whose punk-rock spirit jibed with the loudly-drunk-on-cinema goings-on of Fantastic Fest, it's this one. Cannot wait to see it.