Final MACHETE KILLS Poster Is Brimming With Badassery

Look at all these people Machete's probably going to kill.

The gang's all here. Except for Joe Pesci. Unless he's blowing up in the background somewhere.

As everyone already knows, Machete Kills will serve as opening night film for this year's Fantastic Fest, enjoying an awesome world premiere before its October 11 release date. You might also be aware that this is a film where a guy wearing an armed bomb gets zipped into a flying helicopter, Charlie Sheen appears billed as Carlos Estevez, and Mel Gibson wears a cape. Just so we're all on the same page.

Here is the final poster for the film, which acts as a kind of summation of all the wonderful reasons why you might be enticed to see it (save for Cuba Gooding Jr. and Antonio Banderas's mustache). I'm especially fond of Amber Heard's Swiss-Army machete thing, useful for opening both beers and ribcages. You just know this is going to be a blast with an audience full of goofy action fans. I seriously can't wait.