WATCH: Steve Buscemi Announces Plan To Trip Balls

Buscemis say the darndest things.

Steve Buscemi's making the rounds to spread the word about the fourth-season return of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, and last night he popped up over on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  As most of us know by now, Fallon's got a talent for making really, really famous people feel comfortable doing really, really silly stuff on his show (see also:  any of the show's recurring Jacob's Patience sketches), and the bit he roped Buscemi into last night is among his very best.

The setup's simple:  Fallon reached out to his 9.7 million Twitter followers and asked them to...y'know what?  Let's not overexplain this thing.  Just watch the clip above; it's custom-designed for frittering away the hours standing between you and the weekend.