BREAKING BAD Series Collection Is A Barrel Of Awesome

What you'll get when you get the entire series run of Breaking Bad on home video.

I held off on buying Breaking Bad on Blu. I got into the show just late enough that I knew there was an ending coming, which means I knew that there would one day be an uber-collection. And that one day looks to be November 26th, when the complete series hits Blu. In a barrel.

Above is an image of the set, which looks AMAZING. The collection will feature all previous special features - behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, cast and crew commentaries - as well as an all-new two hour documentary about the making of the final season, starting at the first table read of the season and going all the way to the last shot. And you can watch it while wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. 

This is a must buy collection. If you're not using AdBlock (you're a jerk if you are!), there's a link to pre-order the set below.