Brilliant Spy Comic QUEEN & COUNTRY To Become An Ellen Page Movie


Greg Rucka's Queen & Country is one of my favorite comic books. A fairly realistic spy story set in the modern world of Britain's MI6 (SIS), Queen & Country is focused on Tara Chace, an incedibly capable, driven and complicated field agent. Tara is tough as nails but also dealing with the emotional complications of having a job that requires her to kill and almost be killed on a regular basis, all while also worrying about the politics behind her missions. The book is great, and Tara is one of the best female protagonists - scratch that, one of the best protagonists - in comics.

Now there's going to be a Queen & Country movie. And it looks like it will star... Ellen Page. While Page is a great actress there's nothing about her that says Tara Chace to me. For one thing, Chace is English, and while I know that people can do accents Americans doing Brit accents almost always sound goofy. But also Page is small and cherubic, while Chace is lean and hard. There's a certain irony with the casting of Greg Rucka comic book movies - Page would have made an excellent Carrie Stetko in the adaptation of Whiteout, a part that instead went to the very wrong Kate Beckinsale... who probably wouldn't be a good Tara Chace either, but would at least have the accent down.

Fox sees Queen & Country as a franchise vehicle for Page. The comic offers many great missions for Tara, so original material is no problem. I do hope that Page makes it work; I really do like her and I do love Queen & Country, but they feel like two great tastes that will taste like dookie together.