Help A 13-Year-Old Make Her Horror Dreams Come True

An endearing Kickstarter worth consideration.

Meet Emily DiPrimio. Her dream is to co-direct a horror film with her father, and she's utilizing the magical powers of Kickstarter to help make that dream come true. Anyone who feels down on the children of America should note that her most pressed point while convincing you her horror film will be worthwhile is a promise that there will be no CGI gore.

DiPrimio's film, Carver, would be a throwback to '80s slashers complete with a masked maniac who wields a cool weapon (apparently a scythe). She and her father are only asking for $25,000, which seems reasonable. Their rewards start getting pretty exciting once you hit the four-digit range. For ten grand you can write your own death scene, attend the premiere, and participate in the DVD commentary. It's not a dinner and basketball game with Spike Lee, but it's better than a dinner and basketball game with Zack Braff, probably.

While I go back and forth on the merits of Kickstarter in general, I do really like this one. Carver is at just over two thousand dollars right now, but has twenty-five days left to go. For more details check out the Kickstarter page here.