Will There Be A Troma Commercial At This Year’s Super Bowl?

Sgt. Kabukiman goes for a long pass.

So there's this company called Intuit, which makes money by offering small business owners who are too busy to read books ways to become better small business owners without reading any books.

They currently have a promotion called Small Business Big Game, which gives small businesses a chance to earn a Super Bowl commercial spot via online voting, a setup that by its very nature only rewards those small businesses popular enough to not really need the exposure in the first place.

There's actually a lot more to it than that. Voting gets you through the initial round, but then you have to go through a weeding-out process held within the Intuit company itself. When they shave away all but the best four entries, THEN everyone can go vote on the real winner.

Ever the marketing goofballs who are also dead serious about marketing, Troma, a company which has one really shitty film in festivals right now and another on the way, has put their hat in the ring. You can vote for them here. But before you do, maybe browse some of the other entries. It's likely many aren't quite as in it for the lolz. If it were a contest about which entertainment company mascots could actually play in the Super Bowl though, I'd be voting for Troma all the way.

While a Troma Super Bowl commercial would be a sight to behold indeed, it's doubtful the brand would pass Intuit's internal voting process. It's also unlikely it would even pass censors.

Speaking of not passing the censors, Intuit's ad for the promotion, which also seems to be a high profile spot for Komodo on the sly, is worth watching if only for the parts where the Bill Clinton impersonator (played by some guy named Coach Johnson) eats a fish taco and claims it's like "Nirvana in my mouth." He also slaps a dude's ass, erotically eats shrimp out of another man's hand, and discusses the tongues and mouths of every man, woman, and child in the country -- all of which Lloyd Kaufman would probably find hilarious.