Does This Pitch Reel Give A Glimpse Of JURASSIC WORLD?

No, says Universal.

A couple of hours ago the above video started hitting the web. It was taken at the Star Wars Celebration in Germany earlier this summer, and it shows a proof of concept trailer for... Jurassic World. How did we never hear about this?

Well, according to Universal it's because the reel is actually for a video game of the same title, not the upcoming movie. But is that just splitting hairs? Is the game based on the concepts of the movie - which, judging from this video would expand on Jurassic Park: The Lost World's T-Rex amuck in the modern world ending? I do believe that the trailer is for a game - the CGI is pretty low quality for a movie - but I do find it hard to believe that the name is a coincidence. Perhaps the upcoming sequel simply stole the name, since it was already registered at Universal. Or maybe the two projects have a lot in common. 

We'll find out in June of 2015.