ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW Trailer: One Of The Most Important Movies Of The Year!

Watch the first trailer for the movie secretly shot at Disneyland and Disney World!

Escape From Tomorrow isn't just one of the best movies I've seen this year, it's one of the most important. It's a phantasmagorical examination of the insidious nature of corporations co-opting our dream space, and it's a guerilla attack on the Walt Disney plastic happiness-industrial complex. It's funny and weird and smart and is one of the most subversive and dangerous movies of the last few decades.

It's finally getting a release this October, and the first trailer gives you a glimpse at the film - not a particularly accurate glimpse, if we're being honest. Escape From Tomorrow is very surreal and very arty, and this trailer makes it look a touch more action packed than the actual film is. 

Escape From Tomorrow isn't for everyone, but I do hope it's for many of you. It's a daring, intriguing film that is on the front lines of the current war against brands and corporations owning our lives. It's thrilling to watch a movie as gonzo as this one.