Mouth Off! We Want Your Opinions

Take the survey that fuels the Feud.

Anyone who's attended Fantastic Feud in the past knows that it's a highlight of each year's Fantastic Fest. It gets pretty rowdy as noted film nuts face off in a heated competition fueled by nothing but beer and a pure love of cinema. And we need YOUR help to make it happen this year. Give us your answers! Take the survey (open to the public - certainly not exclusive to FFers!) that will shape this year's Fantastic Feud. 

The questions are below, but take the survey here. It'll only take a minute, and it's fun! Be mouthy and opinionated - we're counting on you. 

For the seventh Fantastic Fest in a row, FEARnet's Scott Weinberg will pit crazed film fanatics against one another in a drunken trivia competition we call the Fantastic Feud. Once again, a team of patriots will face off against challengers from foreign lands over four rounds of questions that will destroy their minds and their livers. Will the USA rise like a phoenix to experience the thrill of victory? Will a pact with evil lead to another International win? Will anyone be sober enough to care? Witness the Fantastic Feud this year and find out!

But first, we once again ask you knowledgeable and ever-opinionated attendees to offer up your thoughts to the Fantastic Feud and fill out the following movie survey:

[All answers should be a film title, an actor's name(s), or both]

Best Portrayal of Dracula

Coolest Movie Punks

Worst Scene of Computer Hacking

Scariest Killer Dog

Most Egregious Cinematic Use of a Hip-Hop Performer

Most Dangerous Child

Worst ALIEN Rip-off

Best Cannon Film (as in, produced & released by Cannon Films or The Cannon Group)

Film Featuring the Best Nicolas Cage Freak-Out

Scariest Non-Human Killer

Best Buddy Cop Team

Worst Stephen King Adaptation

Most Malevolent Killer Vehicle

Best Non-Halloween/Non-Christmas Holiday Horror Movie (So, not including any films set on or around Halloween or Christmas)

Worst Movie Vampire Other Than The Ones in Twilight

Again, go here to take the survey and answer these burning questions. Don't leave us hanging!