Turn Your iOS Device Into IRON MAN’s Jarvis

A movie tie-in app that's actually pretty cool!

How did it take three Iron Man movies for this to be introduced: you can now download a Jarvis app to your iPhone or iPad and have Tony Stark's electronic butler at your service. The app is actually tied in to the Iron Man 3 Blu release - it has all these features that are unlocked if you take pictures of stuff on the screen while watching the Blu - but for my money the app's killer potential is having Jarvis as your assistant.

The Jarvis app can do stuff like wake you up with the time and temperature (as he does in the movies), let you know you have incoming mail or calls and remind you of appointments in your calendar. The actual functionality is sort of limited - think of it as a very nerfed Siri - but Paul Bettany came in to record hundreds of unique statements that are played through the app. 

This has been produced as a sort of sideshow to the Blu release, and it's free, but I would totally pay real money to have a Jarvis app that had all the functionality of Siri. I suspect some of you nerds would as well. And considering the fact that Elon Musk has been working on a computer interface based on what Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man films, it seems crazy that no one has gone farther with Jarvis!

The app is available now, although the Blu doesn't come out until September 24th.