Adrian Grenier Could Be The Hero Between Us And An ENTOURAGE Movie

Grenier and other cast members are holding up the process as they want more money. Keep negotiating, boys... forever!

Entourage, the Ed Hardy douchebag dream of what life in Hollywood is like, has been long threatening us with a movie. The show ended on a note where everybody was happy and everything worked out without any dramatic complications (you know, like every single fucking episode), but creator Doug Ellin believes there are still dramatically inert stories to tell about these profoundly unlikable characters. There's only one thing standing behind this maniac and his desire to punish us with the further adventures of these awful bros: the bros themselves.

It turns out that Adrian Grenier and Turtle are the only things standing between us and this disaster. They refuse to sign on until the studio pays them a lot of money. According to Page Six:

“They wanted to start filming early this summer, but the cast has been on hold. Jeremy finally signed his contract two weeks ago. His deal closed Aug. 29. But there are other members of the cast, including Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara, who are still holding out.”

It isn't like these guys are working so much lately, so they could probably use the money (although Turtle owns some really high quality sandwich shops so he's probably actually doing pretty well. Grenier has just been making bad documentaries), but I like to imagine they're taking a stand for us. For the people who survived their series and can now live happily in a post-Entourage world. A world where maybe sexist white men getting everything they want without any effort doesn't pass as 'entertainment.' They know we've moved on, and they want to spare us all.

God bless you, Adrian and Turtle. God bless you both.