HOMEFRONT Trailer: Time To Fall In Love With A New Jason Statham Movie

Statham vs. Franco. What life is all about.

Yesterday I first laid eyes on the poster for Jason Statham's new film, Homefront. But given that yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11, it seemed in bad taste to make jokes about a movie where the somewhat non-American Jason Statham protectively holds his little girl while being protectively held by an American Flag denim jacket himself.

But today is the anniversary of September 12, which means jokes about goofy jingoism are back on the table.

Not that I actually have any. The awesome image speaks for itself. Still, I'm glad I waited because today brings a trailer to go with, and holy shit, it looks awesome. Let me count the ways:

Jason Statham has a little girl who kicks as just like Jason Statham.

He is going up again James Franco.

Winona Ryder plays a kind of biker lady, I think.

This film was written by Sylvester Stallone.

So, four ways. But that's plenty! While I still haven't seen Statham's latest, Redemption (aka Hummingbird), I rarely let a Statham film go by unwatched. The Crank films are to blame.

This comes out November 27. Instead of eating a large and laborious Thanksgiving meal, you and your family can enjoy a nice Statham knuckle sandwich. With mayo provided by James Franco.