ROBOCOP Poster Not Likely To Change Any Minds

The best move is to remain unmoved.

I'm already starting to feel sorry for the RoboCop remake. While last week's trailer did inspire some excitement out there, its larger reception was pretty hostile. And rightly so. The film looks like a misguided cash-grab engineered with almost satirical prowess. The film's erroneous thinking doesn't get much more definite than that moment where RoboCop almost looks cool, only to have him shifted into a disappointing and bland all-black outfit as if we should all be grateful.

If you like RoboCop's new look, however, you might like this poster since that's basically all we get. I think he looks like a Sideshow Collectibles Snake Eyes figure. The fact that the poster changes RocoCop's iconic "Your move, creep" to just "Your move" says more than I ever could.