Source: Instagram.

It looks like Miley Cyrus' dream to one day play Robin in a Batman movie has finally come true. According to a photo she took holding up a piece of paper which clearly says "Batman vs. Superman" on it and even has a logo and everything, she will be reading the film at some point in the next couple months. And if she's reading it, chances are pretty good she'll be acting in it as well. And if she's acting in it, I think we can all assume she'll be doing something for the soundtrack, which I know is basically the brass tacks question on all our minds.

Aside from publishing a photo of herself holding the script, Cyrus has yet to confirm her involvement. Upon asking her publicist for more information, we were told: "Leave my little girl alone, you vultures," after which, was forced to abandon the story to the rest of us.

Of course, Batfans and Superfans alike are overjoyed with this development, as Cyrus represents the only overlapping part of the two camps' Venn Diagram. Not only is Miley Cyrus super popular among these groups, but many have been petitioning the President of the United States for the exact development we've seen tonight. Whether President Obama has anything to do with Cyrus getting a copy of the script remains to be seen.

In the meantime, we will certainly keep an eye out on Batman vs Superman and any developments that seem even remotely involved with the film.