OPEN WINDOWS Trailer: Nacho Vigalondo & Elijah Wood Click On Thrills

A match made at Fantastic Fest in this real-time thriller about a superfan taken to the edge.

One of the joys of Fantastic Fest is watching Elijah Wood and Nacho Vigalondo together in action. They're a great team, and that energy seems to have carried over to their first feature collaboration, Open Windows. Also starring Sasha Grey, Open Windows is about a superfan who gets caught in a dangerous web of intrigue with the actress he adores. But this isn't just a regular old thriller - Vigalondo is telling this story in real time using only a computer screen. It's an exciting form-challenging idea that looks like the sort of playful thinking we get too rarely here in the US. 

In fact I'd say that this is exactly the sort of fucking around with the form and the genre that would appeal to Hitchcock, if he were alive today. And betwen this and the excellent Grand Piano - also a formally-challenging thriller in the Hitchcockian tradition directed by a Spaniard - Wood may have entered his later-period Jimmy Stewart phase.

Sadly Open Windows won't be playing Fantastic Fest (unless Nacho is pulling a con, which is always possible), but I'm hoping to see it sooner rather than later.