Laurie Holden Joins Cast Of DUMB AND DUMBER TO

Lauren Holly fans unite against this outrage!

When you need an actress who looks like Lauren Holly, but can't use Lauren Holly because Lauren Holly doesn't really look like Lauren Holly anymore, but you also need that extra familiarity that comes with a very similar name, always bet on Laurie Holden.

Today we see an illustration of this unwritten Hollywood rule in the casting of Laurie Holden in the upcoming Dumb and Dumber To. She's not actually playing Mary Swanson, the character Lauren Holly played in the original. She's just reinforcing a Dumb and Dumber type, I guess. According to Deadline, her character's name is Adele Pichlow, "the well to do wife of a doctor who is up to no good and who plans to use Harry and Lloyd to cover her tracks." Whoever Her Tracks is, she will presumably be played by Lauren Holly.

Holden joins a cast that already includes Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Kathleen Turner, and - if this whole thing is supposed to fly without me demanding my money back - a headless parakeet.