THE WALKING DEAD Spin-Off Promises To Really Overexpose Zombies

Send more zombie shows. 

With Breaking Bad ending in two weeks, with nobody liking Low Winter Sun and with Mad Men in the home stretch, AMC is trying to figure out what sort of groundbreaking, exciting original content to bring to the people who have begun to trust their brand. The answer: a fucking The Walking Dead spin-off. 

The show is aiming for a 2015 air date, making it the third hour of The Walking Dead content in AMC's schedule (yes, I am counting The Talking Dead). This spin-off will feature new characters and will not be tied into the comic book, giving Kirkman et al new ways to riff on what George Romero created. 

I must admit that I'm genuinely curious what this show will be like; after all, the world of The Walking Dead is a pretty stock zombie apocalypse scenario, one that doesn't leave the door open to weird interpretations or sudden left turns. Maybe this tiime Kirkman will just steal the entire premise of Day of the Dead and have the show set in a bunker filled with scientists and military guys, because most other scenarios are going to just be rehashes of the tedious shit happening weekly on the main series, simply in different locations and different poorly-written characters. Maybe they can make the show all about how the President deals with the apocalypse, like West Wing meets Dawn of the Dead. Of course Romero hasn't already thought of that, so it probably won't go that way. It'll be about characters isolated on an island trying to live in peace with the walkers, ie a remake of Survival of the Dead

Actually that would be pretty cool, and Kirkman could bring Romero on as an executive producer. Even I couldn't complain about that.