ZERO CHARISMA Trailer Comes With Big Name Approval

The best nerd movie ever. Almost certainly.

I fell madly in love with Zero Charisma when I saw it at SXSW this year, and the movie's new trailer has a little taste of my gushing review (I made the poster too! Bow before my mighty recommendation powers!). I'm pretty proud of that because Zero Charisma rules, and it perfectly nails this weird moment in nerd history, where being a geek has actually taken on some mainstream cache. What's more, it's just a good movie, with a truly difficult lead character played with beautiful, perfectly stated humanity. This isn't some Kevin Smith wankfest, it's the real filmic deal. 

Zero Charisma is hitting VOD on October 8th and some theaters October 11th. If you read this site you should see this movie. If you don't read this site, fuck you.