Get Old With This Trailer For Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA

The Bucket List subgenre goes indie.

I'm not the biggest Alexander Payne fan in the world, but Nebraska seems like it could be pretty special. For one, my future self would roll over in his grave if he heard I failed to watch a film starring both Bruce Dern and Will Forte. And my younger self would kick me in the balls for not wanting to see a movie with Bob Odenkirk in it. So I have a lot of pressure on me to do the right thing.

Nebraska tells the story of how a blue collar singer songwriter from New Jersey recorded simple demos for an upcoming album and ended up liking them so much that he just said fuck it and put them out as they were.

One of those songs was about an old guy who falls for an Internet prank which tells him he's a millionaire, so long as he makes the trek to Nebraska to pick up the dough. He decides to take his son along for the ride. Everyone but the old man knows its a scam. But maybe he knows as well? Or maybe it's not a scam? I guess that's why you actually have to watch these damn picture shows.

November opens on Nebraska 15.