BREAKING BAD Will Go Out With Two 75-Minute Bangs

Plus, a charming poster for the finale.

It's almost time for us to say goodbye to Breaking Bad. This is the only television drama I still watch, so I'm hoping to find a good replacement soon. But in the meantime: Sadness.

Luckily, the end will be not only be extra painful, but prolonged as well. Earlier today, Peter Gould, one of the show's writers and producers, tweeted this:

An extra fifteen minutes (roughly) could make all the difference in the world to how these episodes are paced and executed. Given the show's extremely high quality, it seems likely that extra time will be put to good use. I can't wait. I'm also terrified.

And as we get used to saying goodbye, here's a moving one-sheet for the finale:

I like to think they're thanking me specifically because it was my letter to Vince Gilligan that saved Walt Jr. from dying of an accidental Cheerio chocking in the first episode. Hey, you are welcome, guys.