Errol Morris’ Video Message For The Badass Hall Of Fame

The acclaimed director and now-official Badass recorded a special message for his Hall of Fame induction. And now you can watch it!

This week we inducted Errol Morris into the Badass Hall of Fame at Fantastic Fest. Unfortunately he was unable to come and accept the soaring honor in person, but he was good enough to record a special video message for us - and it's pretty funny and amazing. The first half of this video is Morris being funny and smart, and the last bit is a more direct discussion of his new documentary, The Unknown Known, which is playing here at the festival.

If you're at Fantastic Fest we're showing the movie again today, so come see it! If not, enjoy this wonderful video from one of the greatest documentary filmmakers of all time. 

By the way, here's a look at the award we've mailed off to Errol Morris: his own Badass Hall of Fame pint glass.