Watch Tim League Fight Keanu Reeves And Tiger Chen

Blood is drawn!

We're nearing the end of Fantastic Fest, and for those of you great BAD guys who have waited for us to resume our regularly scheduled programming, we thank you for your patience. But whether or not you give a damn about Fantastic Fest, you're going to want to see these videos. 

Every year the debates are a highlight of the Fest, and I am not shitting you even a little when I say this year's was far and away the best we've ever had. Above, see a clip reel of Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League debating Man of Tai Chi director Keanu Reeves on the relative merits of Tai Chi over Tae Kwon Do, and then get his ass handed to him in the ring by martial arts master and Man of Tai Chi star Tiger Chen. Revel in his fucking awesome flying punch at 1:10! 

And below you can watch the highlights of the whole debate, which was hosted by the always hilarious Owen Egerton. The matches shook out like this: 

Debate One: Alamo programmer Greg MacLennan versus /Film Managing Editor Russ Fischer. RESOLVED: Sylvester Stallone is the Only Truly Great Action Star in Film History. Greg, who fought on the pro side, won this match.

Debate Two: Denver film critic Brad McHargue versus Austin film critic Jacob S. Hall. RESOLVED: 28 Days Later, Which is Widely Considered One of the Great Zombie Movies of the Century, is NOT a Zombie Movie. Jacob Hall, who fought pro this argument, walked away with the win.

Debate Three: Looper and Brick actor Noah Segan versus New Zealand writer and filmmaker Andrew Todd. RESOLVED: Good-Looking, Well-Adjusted People Have Infiltrated and Destroyed Nerd Culture. Andrew Todd, also on the pro side, defeated Segan in a very close match.

Debate Four: Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen versus Tim League. RESOLVED: Tai Chi is a martial art relegated to elderly Chinese women and is inferior in every way to Tae Kwon Do. Hometown champ Tim League - ALSO on the pro side! - won the match.