Here Comes The A MADEA’S CHRISTMAS Teaser

Ho Ho Holy Shit.

As you all probably know, Tyler Perry's next film will be a sequel of Ernest Saves Christmas called A Madea Christmas. It boasts such amazing cast members as Larry the Cable Guy, Kathy Najimy, Alicia Witt, and Larry the Cable Guy's cheese sweat.

I've seen the play this is based on, and it's pretty standard Tyler Perry class division drama stuff. The official synopsis sounds like basically the same deal. Whether we get the somewhat funny and violent Madea of old or the new, all bark no bite version remains to be seen.

But we do have this teaser, which is just a riffing session between Tyler Perry and a bunch of kids. I believe I have heard every single one of these jokes 1,000 times before, so this isn't really giving me a lot of confidence. And right now my Tyler Perry confidence is one the wane big time.

Hopefully soon we'll get a real trailer with actual footage (this could be actual movie footage, but I kind of doubt it). Until then, marvel at a 2013 teaser where a yet another fake Santa Claus gets peed on. At least this time the kid gets picked up upside down by the leg. I like that part.