THE ACT OF KILLING Now Available For Free In Indonesia And ISP Blocking Has Begun

Last month, VICE, VHX and Drafthouse Films partnered to deliver Joshua Oppenheimer's masterful documentary free to all people of Indonesia.

Executive produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, Joshua Oppenheimer's Award-winning and widely acclaimed documentary The Act Of Killing – an inventive examination of the Indonesian genocide of 1965-66 where over 1,000,000 people lost their lives – today received its most significant release to date on the anniversary of the start of the atrocities of decades past. Drafthouse Films partnered with VICE, VHX and the filmmakers to deliver the film free to Indonesians via digital downloads on

Over the past year, the film has been exhibited secretly throughout Indonesia with underground, invite-only screenings and has since ushered a resurgence of nationwide renewed attention to the genocide, as well as public debate about how impunity for past atrocities underpin a present-day climate of corruption, thuggery and fear. The film is unable to be released traditionally in theaters as the Indonesian government typically bans films dealing with human rights violations, and a ban would become an excuse for paramilitary groups to attack screenings physically – and with impunity.

Downloading of the film in Indonesia has already begun and with success. However, reports have been sent in today of ISP blocking and possible government geo-blocking. If you are in Indonesia and are having trouble viewing, please email [email protected]. We will update here with more news regarding the ISP blocking of the website.