WONDER WOMAN Fan Film Proves You Could Make A Good Game Commercial WIth Her

Two minutes of nicely done slomo.

This Wonder Woman fan film is being touted online as proof that a Wonder Woman movie could work. While I agree that a Wonder Woman movie could work, I don't see how this short proves that. It looks like a commercial for a AAA Xbox release, focusing only on slomo action and having absolutely no sense of story or character. Can a woman in a Wonder Woman costume fight stunt men/CGI monsters? Yes, and I don't think anybody ever doubted that. Does that same figure (I hesitate to say there are characters of any sort in this short) have story potential? Unanswered in any way with this short.

What's strange is that this one is from the same company that put out the really great Venom fanfilm a couple of months back. That one, a hybrid of the Spidey villain and the classic film Man Bites Dog, had story and character. There isn't some production house mandate that these shorts need to be empty spectacle, but here is empty spectacle. 

So yeah, I'd play this Wonder Woman game. But if this was trying to sell a movie - Wonder Woman or otherwise - I'd roll my eyes. Wonder Woman endures because she's a character, not an action figure. It would have been nice to see that.