Cossbysweater Returns With Leave, A Song About THE ROOM

Oh haiiii Mark. And Allie.

Allison Goertz, the nerdtastic singer/songwriter known as Cossbysweater, is back with a new video, and this time it's about Tommy Wisseau's The Room. And it features Greg Sestero, aka Mark from The Room

In trademark Cossbysweater style the song isn't heavy with obvious references and catchphrase shout outs; rather it's a beautifui song that slowly reveals to you that it's about one of the worst movies ever made. When Allison first played it for me I didn't even realize it was about The Room

If you want more The Room madness, Sestero now has a book out about the making of the movie, which you can buy at the link below. And if you're in LA come to the New Beverly Cinema tonight for a Greg Q&A!

And don't forget to buy Cossbysweater's debut album (which does not include this song) right here.