Rumor: FURY ROAD Is Great, Reshoots Are Good News

Time to get excited: we hear the new Mad Max movie is awesome.

Whither Fury Road? The return to the Mad Max universe, starring Tom Hardy as Mad, went through delays in advance, troubles in production and has now, seemingly, disappeared. The last we heard was that the film was going back for reshoots, which made everybody kind of nervous. After all the trouble was the movie terrible, and in dire need of saving?

I have not seen the movie yet, but I spoke with someone who has, and the verdict: it's awesome. Fury Road is awesome. According to my source the movie is, end to end, a badass chase filled with incredible action. Apparently Tom Hardy is still using his Bane voice here, but since Max only has a handful of lines it isn't too bad - and maybe they can dub him, as an homage to the original Mad Max

Most importantly my source says that the reshoots are intended to beef up the big bookending action sequences. George Miller created an action sequence taking place on a vehicle elevator, and he couldn't get the budget to fully realize it. When the studio saw what he had done with the rest of the movie they gave him the money to go back and make the vehicle elevator sequence sing. 

There's still more work to be done on the film; I understand it's a little long right now. But if you've been as worried as I have been about Fury Road, this will be music to your ears. I was ready to write this movie off as a sad disaster, but maybe it's one of those against-all-odds triumphs.