You Can’t Keep A Mediocre Franchise Down: Fourth NARNIA Happening

What the fuck. 

You know how you tell your kids anything is possible? That if they believe enough they can achieve anything? To prove it just have them look to the Chronicles of Narnia franchise, which is somehow getting a fourth installment. The Silver Chair, a story about rescuing Prince Caspian's son from hell, is coming from the Mark Gordon Company, who have a lot of TV under their belt. This would have to be the most expensive movie they've ever gotten behind, judging by their filmography.

The first Narnia movie came out in 2005, and the next two sputtered along at random intervals. After Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2010 I thought CS Lewis' thinly-veiled Christian fantasy series was kaput at the cinema, but it turns out the $1billion global earned by the films is enough to keep somebody coming back for more, even if it isn't Fox and DIsney, who were behind the first three.

Like most of the books in the Narnia series, The Silver Chair has enough standalone elements that it doesn't matter that the kids from the first movie are now really old. Well, one of the kids - the one who played Eustace in the last movie - returns, but who even saw that last movie. The Silver Chair is a more straight up heroic fantasy story that Dawn Treader, so maybe it'll translate well. If they don't get a certain Australian bubblegrunge group to do the soundtrack I'll cry.