Natalie Portman And Marvel Are Doing Something Super Cool For Teen Girls

They've created an initiative to empower girls interested in math and science. 

I love this so much. Marvel and Natalie Portman are teaming up for Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure, an initiative to encourage high school girls to become more empowered in science and math. These are obviously fields that have been traditionally populated by men, and I love that the Mentor Adventure inspires high school girls to seek out successful women in those fields as a reminder that just because it's always been that way, it doesn't always have to be.

MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD - ULTIMATE MENTOR ADVENTURE aims to empower girls ages 14 and up in grades 9-12 to embark on a journey that will allow them to explore their potential in the world of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Through the collaborative efforts of MARVEL, the National Academy of Sciences, and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., girls will have a chance to go out into the real world and ask successful women in STEM fields about what they do, how they got where they are…and how others can follow in their footsteps.

MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD - ULTIMATE MENTOR ADVENTURE is looking nationwide for girls – just like you – ages 14 and up in grades 9-12 to apply to be a part of this incredible journey. Finalists from the applicant pool of MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD - ULTIMATE MENTOR ADVENTURE will be selected for the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible women in science, all while conducting interviews, participating in experiments and interactive events, and getting the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes where the general public is not normally invited – all while having this adventure filmed.

On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH, 2013, finalists will conclude their journey and will be recognized at the Premiere Screening of their MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD ULTIMATE MENTOR ADVENTURE documentary short. This video short will be shown at the historic El Capitan Theatre prior to the screening of MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD on the film’s opening day.

How cool is that? It's just another reminder that Marvel is leaps and bounds ahead of DC in this stuff, and it makes me proud to be a Marvel fan. Entrants are asked to visit successful STEM women in their hometown and interview them - and they're given a list of resources to go about it - and then film a video about themselves and their interview. This ensures that even the girls who don't become finalists will benefit from participating in the contest, and the whole thing is just making me feel very good about the world today. 

Know a teen who'd be perfect for the Ultimate Mentor Adventure? You can get all the details here. Spread it around!