Quick-Ass: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

He's been cast as Quicksilver.

There were a lot of rumors and talk, but now according to Latino Review it's official: Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been cast in The Avengers: Age of Ultron as Quicksilver. He's a mutant whose power is being really fast, and he's the brother of The Scarlet Witch, who Samuel L Jackson yesterday revealed is played by Elizabeth Olsen. Trivia: Johnson and Olsen are both in the upcoming Godzilla together!

Johnson's been talking about taking the role for some time, and even chatted with Total Film about what his take could be:

"Him and his sister [Scarlet Witch] have been abandoned by their parents and their father, and they grew up in Eastern Europe defending and looking out for themselves and each other. His sister really is his guidance – emotionally she’s the one who looks after him, and vice versa. He’s very overprotective physically – he doesn’t want anyone touching her. He has real anger frustration – I like that. I always thought it’d be quite funny if you saw him eating loads and people asked him why and he’d explain it’s because he’s burning so much energy all the time. Or ideas that you’d see him come back round – but he’s already nipped out and got his lunch somewhere else. He just got bored – his attention span is so fucking quick.”

In the comics, as Johnson notes, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were raised in Eastern Europe, in a fictional country known as Transia, on Mount Wundagore. By a cow woman. The cow woman I doubt will make the film, but Wundagore could... if the accent works. Johnson also tells Total Film:

"That’s what we’re in talks about really, right now – how I could become that character and not feel forced. I might not look right with white hair, and the accent may be wrong… it just doesn’t work like that.”

I want the white hair. And the hair spikes. I want it all, Aaron Taylor Johnson. I want it all.

By the way, I didn't coin 'Quick-Ass.' That magic comes from Reddit.