Tarantino Names THE LONE RANGER One Of 2013’s Best Films So Far

Another unique best-of list from genius Quentin Tarantino.

I love when Quentin Tarantino makes his best of the year lists because his choices are so often bizarre. He puts a lot of absolutely left-field movies on his lists, movies that include the horrible Three Musketeers from Paul WS Anderson. Now we get a look at his positively unique best of 2013 (so far) list, and it includes another shocker: The Lone Ranger

Here's the list:

1.  Afternoon Delight (Jill Soloway)
2.  Before Midnight (Richard Linklater)
3.  Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen)
4.  The Conjuring (James Wan)
5.  Drinking Buddies (Joe Swanberg)
6.  Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach)
7.  Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
8.  Kick Ass 2 (Jeff Wadlow)
9.  The Lone Ranger (Gore Verbinski)
10.  This Is The End (Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg)

There are a lot of little indie relationship movies on this list, which is cool. The only two real stunners, for me, are The Lone Ranger - a cinematic abomination - and Kick-Ass 2, which is just weak in general. 

The list is in alphabetical order, so don't take it personally that Gravity is after Frances Ha (although maybe I would also rank it there? I really liked Frances Ha). What do you think of the list otherwise? Do you have a top ten so far? Pretend anyone cares and list it in the comments below.