Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler

The latest EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY pushes the envelope.

I love this.

I've been a big fan of Epic Rap Battles of History for a while, but this new episode, which kicks off Season 3, makes me smile like no other. For one thing, it's right on the border of being impossibly offensive: it pits a fictional villain, Darth Vader, against one of reality's most horrible humans, Adolf Hitler, threatening to minimize the true evil of the Nazi regime. And then it goes one step fuhrer by having Hitler make an oven joke. I'm a sucker for that stuff. 

What I also love is the way it bravely recontextualizes Darth Vader as a bad guy. You may have left angry comments on my piece about that VW Super Bowl ad, where a little kid imitates Darth Vader in a commercial for a car spearheaded by Hitler, so you know already that I am baffled by the continuing cute cult of Vader. This video puts Vader back on his villain pedestal, and it does so while bitch-slapping Boba Fett.

This is, of course, a rematch - Vader and Hitler previously met in Epic Rap Battles of History season 2. 

My one complaint: the Sarlacc Pit is clearly a vagina, not a butthole.