The Last Known Photo Of THE EXPENDABLES

A shot of the group mere moments before they were expendabled.

This is Internet old, but I haven't seen it until today, so it stands to reason that others may have missed it as well.

I believe what we have here is a photo of a photo of a filmstrip of the new Expendables 3 lineup in dress. My overly snarky takeaways are:

1. People we know: In the front row. People we don't know: Get in the back. People who are Jet Li: We wanted Jackie Chan.

2. No Harrison Ford, but we do get a look at Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes. Wesley Snipes should not forgo facial hair.

3. Just like a broken clock is right twice a day, movie actors are not photogenic absolutely all the time. That someone managed to get a bad picture from everyone at once is somewhat unprecedented, however.

4. Sylvester Stallone finally did away with Barney Ross' Ride for Christ facial hair, which was his single defining characteristic.

If I'm too down on The Expendables 3, it's only because I saw the first two. I would have given this one a free pass if they'd only found a way to get Mickey Rourke to return. And speaking of Mickey Rourke, it's been too long since I posted this, the most amazingly masculine monologue of the 21st century: