THE STARVING GAMES Trailer Is Bereft Of Jokes

Seltzer and Friedberg have crapped out another spoof movie, and it's dated before it's even been released.

Pop culture is a fleeting, capricious thing. Memes are made of sand that slips through our fingers on the winds of change. And The Starving Games screenplay was written a year ago, so it's already hideously outdated.

A brief list of some of the obsolete cultural references made in this trailer: Avatar. Angry Birds. Fruit Ninja. Siri. Gangnam Style. The Hobbit. (Okay, that one is still happening, but it feels dated already, doesn't it?)

Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are the paragons of artistic integrity behind the Scary, Epic, Disaster etc Movies, and now they're tackling The Hunger Games, just in time for no one to give a shit. Their next project will be a spoof of the Fast and Furious franchise called Superfast, so polish up your resumes, actors who sort of resemble Vin Diesel or Tyrese!