Check Out Mad Donnie Yen In This SPECIAL ID “Ultimate Edition” Trailer

Good morning! Have some ass-kicking.

At the Q&A following Fantastic Fest's screening of Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, Scott Adkins singled out Donnie Yen as the martial artist with whom he most wants to share a fight scene. I've read a similar statement from Michael Jai White. This leads me to believe that Donnie Yen is either one of the greatest martial artists working today or some kind of really huge asshole.

Either way, he sure gets to star in a lot of films. Special ID is just one of them, though it's perhaps a little special because it's not a period piece, and it seems filled with hard-hitting gangster violence. I like my Donnie Yen smiling and kind of dorky. Here's he's gruff and pissed off. Actually, he's not in the trailer all that much compared to tiny-faced costar Tian Jing, who steals all the big moments.

There are tons of trailers for this film out there. This one might actually be a bit old. It's the only one I've seen, however, and I'd like to just keep it at that. It is, after all, the "Ultimate Edition." Unless you're a super fan, you've got to pick and choose which Donnie Yen joints you're going to make time for. I think this one might be a contender. So look for it on VOD sometime in the next 7-10 years.