Badass Exclusive: See A Clip From ZERO CHARISMA

The wonderful movie about real nerds vs. tourist nerds is out on VOD.

Zero Charisma is now available on VOD, and I really, really want you to watch it. It's a heartbreaking, hilarious, honest, excruciating film with an incredible performance by Sam Eidson as a controlling, slightly unhinged, completely authentic game master of an RPG of his own making. In this clip he's been looking for a replacement after a friend dropped out of his game, and he brings in the stylish tourist nerd Miles - a decision he immediately regrets.

Read Devin's review here - he called it "almost certainly, the best film ever made about nerds," and Devin's a giant nerd, so he should know, right?

You can watch it today on VOD, and it also opens in select theaters starting tomorrow, including CinemaVillage in NYC, which is screening it with a series of Q&As this weekend with Eidson and the directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews in attendance.