BEYOND OUTRAGE Gets A New Name And A Cool Poster

NOW this film's gonna be a hit!

I must be pretty cool because I saw Takeshi Kitano's Beyond Outrage so long ago that it was still called Outrage Beyond. I guess the new title has a more definite meaning and attachment to the original Outrage. But the switch is so arbitrary, I'm not sure why it even matters.

What does matter is that Beyond Outrage is pretty awesome (my review here), and will finally be available for you to watch VOD on November 28 and theatrically starting January 3. This news comes with a nifty poster, with an even more nifty tagline.

If you don't know anything about these Outrage movies, here's the general plot: Takashi Kitano is a badass. There are other badasses, too. Everyone's vying for that number one spot. A billion gangsters get tortured, murdered, or both, often with the creativity of a really good horror film (I read once that Kitano basically thought of the film's really awful deaths first and built his whole script around them). There's not a lot else going on.

I really love these films, though. Both kind of sat oddly with me initially, but I found myself thinking about them frequently in the weeks to follow. In all honestly, I really have no idea what the fuck is going on, who is getting killed, or what kind of Machiavellian mind games these characters are suffering through in either film, but they're still a lot of fun to watch.

So if you like tons and tons of gangster violence, give Outrage a try (it's available on Netflix Instant). That way you'll be prepared for Beyond Outrage's release. Or you could hold off and do a double feature. I do believe that is the best way to go.