Bob Odenkirk and Glenn Howerton Join FX’s FARGO Series

It's getting harder to ignore this project.

You probably heard that FX wants to air a 10-episode limited series based around the Coen Brothers' Fargo, though the extent to which it actually has anything to do with the film is still completely beyond me.

With Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh, Martin Freeman, and Colin Hanks involved, it was already a pretty interesting upcoming television show. But now Deadline reports that Bob Odenkirk and It's Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton have been signed to the show. This slightly changes everything.

Obviously, everyone's up to speed on Bob Odenkirk's genius. But if you're unfamiliar with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may not know that much about Glenn Howerton. Like Odenkirk, Howerton is a comic actor working on a totally higher than normal physical level. I don't mean he falls down a lot, I mean he embodies his character with an abnormal amount of depth so it hardly seems like he's acting at all. It's Always Sunny has been in a slump the last couple of years, but it's worth watching for Howerton alone.

Bob Odenkirk will play a character called Deputy Bill Olsen from a town called Bemidji. I live in Minnesota and can vouch for the ridiculousness of this name. Whoever founded this place had a real knack for putting syllables together in the ugliest way possible. There's a town near me called Fridley. What the fuck is a Fridley?

Howerton will play a personal trainer named Don Chumph. I have nothing personal to add to this one, though Chumph is a pretty funny last name.