LA: Meet The Madman Behind Insane VHS Classic BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL!

The mysterious Chester Turner is alive and coming to the Cinefamily! Meet him and see his shot-on-VHS mindblasters BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE!

The United States of Horror: AN EVENING WITH CHESTER TURNER (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

Black Devil Doll From Hell is one of the most important psychotronic films of my lifetime; a shot-on-VHS piece of madness, Black Devil Doll From Hell made the rounds through tape-traders and trash cinema experts for years. Everyone who saw this movie about a black ventriloquist dummy that continually sexually assaults a woman, asked the same question: What kind of person made this? Chester Turner is the auteur behind this (and the even rarer Tales From The Quadead Zone, which I have never actually seen!), and over the years we've heard rumors that he was dead, or that he was a homeless junkie or that he had disappeared into obscurity.

But the Cinefamily has found him, and they are bringing Chester Turner to Los Angeles for a tribute night tomorrow (Saturday the 12th!). He will be live, in person, and taking all of your absolutely baffled questions! This is a landmark moment in the cinema of outsider art, and if you're into this kind of stuff you MUST be at this show. 

Tickets are $12. Order them by clicking here. I'll see you at the theater!