Madonna Officially Banned From The Alamo Drafthouse

The Material Girl is going to have to take her theater texting elsewhere.

Tim League, the main man behind the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, has uttered a decree: Madonna is no longer welcome at his theaters. This isn't about her film W/E or her latest music - it's about her rude texting in movies. 

A report came from the premiere of Steve McQueen's astonishing 12 Years A Slave that a woman was texting and, when asked to stop, replied with an incredibly inappropriate "It's for work.... enslaver!" That woman, as you've guessed, was Madonna. 

Bad form, Madge. And it was rude and awful enough to put her on Tim's shit list:


How long with Madonna hold out before her need to get some really great queso while watching a movie wins over her pride? Come on, Madonna - admit you were wrong. Apologize to movie fans and to Steve McQueen, whose incredible film deserves your attention for two measley hours. 

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