Help Make THE BC BUTCHER, A Shot-On-16mm Caveman Slasher

Young director Kansas Bowling has a dream, and it's kind of an awesome one.

Today I met Kansas Bowling, a 17-year old filmmaker who has a project she is trying to fund right now. The movie is called The BC Butcher, and it takes the slasher movie somewhere I've never seen it go: into prehistory. Yes, it's a caveman slasher film. But don't be fooled - this isn't exactly Quest For Fire meets Halloween. Bowling's aesthetic is much more fun, and more than a little old fashioned, as shown by the fact that she's shooting her film on 16mm, an all-but-dead format. Also, it's going to have an appearance by a rock band. And check out the handmade flyer she was giving out at the Son of Monsterpalooza convention in Burbank today:

I just love the handmade aesthetic, which follows through into the early footage that Bowling and friends have shot, and which really is shown in the great music by The Ugly Kids. 

What is The BC Butcher about more specifically? From the IndieGogo page:

"The B.C. Butcher" is a girl-gang slasher film set in prehistoric times. It is feature length and shot entirely on 16mm color negative film. My name is Kansas Bowling and I am the director. I have loved horror films all my life, and now at age 17, I am directing my own. With a script written by Kenzie Givens and I, a great cast, and a rock 'n' roll soundtrack provided by The Ugly Kids, the first slasher to ever be set in prehistoric times will be unlike any horror film ever made!

The video [below] is the first scene of the film. It features the tribe of cavewomen sacrificing one of their members, Dina, for betraying them. Later on in the script, a monster finds Dina's dead body and falls in love with her. The monster wants to avenge her death and spends the film picking off the cavewomen responsible for Dina's death one by one. But the fun won't end there! Not only will this film have cavewomen and a prehistoric creature, it will feature amputations, decapitations, buff men in loincloths, psychedelic dream sequences, a live performance by The Ugly Kids, and much, much, much more!!!

And it's being narrated by Dwayne Wayne from A Different World

This is a really cool, really fun and, I suspect, pretty groovy project that's full of up-and-coming female talent. The initial footage includes murder-by-abortion and gut-munching, so you know The BC Butcher has my support, and that's before I even see what kind of prehistoric creature they end up creating. You should support as well! Click here to check out the IndieGogo page for The BC Butcher