Marvel Is Looking At Popular White Male Actors For ANT-MAN

Supposedly Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are on the wish list. 

Who will be Ant-Man in Ant-Man, the next film from Edgar Wright, and the first of Marvel's Phase Three movies? According to Variety the two guys vying for the role are Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with the possibility of a third name being tossed into the ring in the coming days). They're both good choices!

For Scott Lang, at any rate. Scott Lang is the new Ant-Man, a petty crook who ends up stealing the Ant-Man costume and shrinking gas to help save his daughter. He steals that stuff from Henry Pym, the original Ant-Man, and at some point in the development of this movie that was going to be how it played out - Pym had been Ant-Man years ago and Lang would be taking over from him. Is that still how it works? I don't know! 

They're both certainly odd choices for Henry Pym, who has been traditionally less snarky and quipy than these two guys can play (although JGL could also play a pretty good tortured genius Hank Pym). But I'm happy with whatever version of Ant-Man Wright has chosen - it's all gravy when you know that Wright wrote the script with Attack the Block's Joe Cornish. 

These guys would be two of the bigger names to join the Marvel CInematic Universe, and that makes sense as even in the comic book world Ant-Man has a hard time sustaining his own series. This character is important in the larger Marvel comic book universe, but as a solo guy he's never set the world on fire. I love that this hasn't dissuaded Marvel Studios from giving him his own movie. 

Stay tuned for updates or denials in the coming days. And if it goes to JGL prepare for lots of jokes like "I think you should have kept your original last name, Mr. Pym. Antman is a lovely piece of your Jewish heritage."