Tony Stark’s Kid Sidekick To Star In JURASSIC WORLD

He'll melt the hearts of the dinosaurs!

After years of being in a holding pattern Jurassic Park IV - now called Jurassic World - is finally moving ahead, and we have the casting to prove it. According to Deadline one of the lead roles has been filled, and it's been filled with a kid. Ty Simpkins, in fact, who you might recognize from the Insidious films or, more likely, Iron Man 3. That's where he played Harley, Tony Stark's moppet sidekick, in one of the best sequences in the history of Marvel movies. 

According to Deadline Jake Johnson and Dallas Bryce Howard are also in talks to star in the film - would they play Simpkins' parents or other guardian figures? What sort of a role with Simpkins have? Will he be another dinosaur obsessed youngster, or will his story be more interesting? Are there any other empty questions I can ask to get you guys talking in the comments?