RAIDERS!, The Story Of Those Kids Who Remade RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, Gets Optioned

That's the news. Now stand by for early morning lunacy.

Once upon a time, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made a movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark (aka Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Then, two kids named Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala decided they liked that movie so much that they would spend the next 11 years of their life remaking it shot by shot only starring Vince Vaughn.

This was such an amazing feat that two other kids spend another eleven years recreating the footage documenting the making of Zala and Strompolos' film. This film is special because while filming the filming of the filming, the young filmmakers all fell in love with an alien.

Then, someone tried to do a Naked Gun/Airplane-type parody movie of that.

One of these stories has a book about written about it called Raiders!, and that book has just been optioned by Napoleon Dynamite producer Jeremy Coon. This sure to be heartwarming story will add yet another film to the saga of films that either are Raiders of the Lost Ark or are about making some version of it somehow. Should be good.