AMC: Home Of A New Arm Wrestling Reality Show

Hopefully KING OF ARMS will go over the top.

When gazing at the massive abyss of good yet still unrealized reality show topics, surely arm wrestling ranks among the most pressing, particularly in a world where Over the Top won so many Oscars.

Suffer no more because AMC is your Huckleberry. Deadline reports that the occasional broadcaster of Mad Men and Breaking Bad will also play host to King of Arms.

King of Arms will be a ten episode examination of the "raw and highly-competitive world of American arm wrestling." Maybe you think that sounds beneath you, or perhaps not exciting enough to spend ten hours of your life watching. But according to Sylvester Stallone, all kinds of psychological abuse goes on between two guys locked in furious arm combat. Unless my memory is totally screwed up, I remember Stallone saying he once saw a guy eat a live canary during a match just to break another guy's concentration. I admit it could have been celery, but still, YOU CAN'T EAT VEGGIES WHILE ARM WRESTLING, YOU FOOL!!! My point is, stuff like that could happen.

I'm totally on board with this. And by that, I mean I'll read about it and maybe even watch it once. Sometimes you want things to exist because it will help season the world in which you live, not so much because you actually want to participate. It's the same way I feel about Brazilian waxes.