Geek Deal: Dinosaur Skeleton For Sale, Less Than 1 Million Dollars

You can be the proud owner of a diplodocus skeleton!

Start clearing some space in the den. About 55 feet of space, because that's how long Misty the diplodocus skeleton is - and she can be yours. A rare full skeleton of a dinosaur is going on auction in England, and it's estimated to sell for less than a million dollars, making it right for your budget. It's certainly a better investment than all those fucking life sized Sideshow busts you nerds keep buying. 

MIsty has a cool story - she was discovered by kids. Paleontologist Raimund Albersdoerfer was doing a dig in Wyoming when he sent his two sons to go muck about in a nearby quarry, thinking they would just find some shards of shit. They came back with a huge bone, which ended up being part of a massive complete skeleton. She's named Misty because she was found in the 'mysterious quarry.' Paleontologists have a sense of fun, after all! Because the dinosaur was found on private land it's able to go up for sale, much to the chagrin of many museum types. 

If you win Misty you'll be happy to learn that she comes ready mountable, with a ready made metal armature. It should only take a few days to transport and construct the dinosaur in your display area, and Albersdoerer is willing to help. "It's been specially designed so that it can be dissembled and assembled again," he tells CNN. "There's no piece so heavy that two people couldn't lift it." It's like Ikea, but for dinosaurs!

Misty is part of an 'Evolution' themed auction, which also includes an icthyosaurus fossil and a bunch of rare taxidermy. It's all cool, but none of it is as cool as the full dinosaur skeleton. Which, the auctioneers want to remind you, is cheaper than a fancy Ferrari. 

Says auction curator Errol Fuller, "That is really incredibly cheap if you compare it with a collector's car and you've got a much more spectacular, gob-smacking exhibition."

The auction is November 27th, so you have a couple of paychecks to save up. Click here to check out the catalogue.