The STANLEY PARABLE Demo Is Sheer Genius

Download the demo to the upcoming videogame right now and witness it for yourself. You won't regret it.

When's the last time you played a demo that didn't actually feature anything from the full game? The Stanley Parable demo is actually its own stand-alone game, a mere hint at the hilarity and joy to be found in the full product.

Originally released two years ago as a Half-Life 2 modification, The Stanley Parable is sometimes not even considered a game. More of a narrative experience, it sees you walking around through a surreal environment with only a British narrator (voiced by Kevan Brighting) to keep you company. He will tell you what you should do and get mad at you if you don't listen, trying to steer you back on path if you go the wrong way. It's both hysterical and a great rumination on the amount of player control in videogames.

And now there's the demo, which is a riff on what a demo is much the same way The Stanley Parable is a riff on what a game is. While you wait for the demo to begin you'll explore The Stanley Parable Demo Construction Facility, seeing all the work and effort that goes into creating a demo. Things don't go completely to plan. To explain any further would ruin the experience so just download it here - do it- trust me!- and enjoy your trip.

The HD standalone version of The Stanley Parable hits Steam tomorrow.